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Andy Candy


feminismSkapad av andy candy fre, december 25, 2009 22:23:24
I whish to talk about my auto ethnographic and transfeministic text “Förvägrad existens” that deals with personal reflections about the topic trans in a Swedish context. Making your own experience into a subject of research is a traditional feminist method. The theory this study is based on is postcolonial feminist theory.
I wish to highlight the following aspects documented in my thesis:
I began this journey by questioning the absence of trans-subjects in my own community.

As a student I started analyzing what the Swedish academic writing on the topic of transgender tells me about myself. What perspectives are represented? How do they talk about identifications? Who’s voice is heard? At the same time I was put through my medical gender investigation. I came to the conclusion that trans(gender)people are always the persons asked questions. We have always been the objects studied by researcher to explain different phenomena; how sex is executed in society, how persons born female interpret masculinity etc. In the case of the medical field most of us (transsexuals) are forced to leave personal information in exchange for treatment.

The question I want to raise is when we be allowed to take control over our own stories and histories.

Andy Candy

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Skapad av Drowsy tis, december 29, 2009 01:22:02

Studerar du antropologi? Eller är det inom journalistik du ska göra detta?